How to Print an Instant Download

Instant Download Wall Art Print

So, you've just bought a printable card or art print. That's great! Downloadable cards and prints are easy, quick, and affordable. No waiting for your art to ship or worrying about spending too much money. But then you wonder, what's the best way to print it? I'm glad you asked! I'm here to help. 


Printing at home

One of the easiest options is to print the file at home on your printer. My designs are all sized to a normal 8.5x11 inch paper size for convenient printing, unless otherwise indicated in the listing. If you try to resize the image to a larger size, it will degrade the image quality.

For wall art, this Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte Paper is a popular choice. For greeting cards, I recommend printing on a matte cardstock. Be aware of the paper weight that you're choosing, because cardstock can jam some printers. This information should be listed on the front of the package. The higher the weight, the thicker the cardstock (for example, 100lb is thicker than 65lb). Google your printer to see what media weight it can handle. Generally speaking, 65lb is a lighter cardstock, 80lb is medium and 100lb and higher is heavier. If your printer can handle it, I would use 100lb cardstock. 

When you go to print, check your advanced printer settings. For best results, change the paper type to match what you're printing on, and change the quality to high quality. You may also need to change the settings on the printer itself to cardstock. Try feeding the cardstock manually first, one piece at a time, to see if it works. Colors may vary slightly between your screen and the printed version. Computer images and print images are different file formats, and everyone's monitor settings vary. The difference should be small, though.


Printing at a printing center

You can also take your image to Fedex, Kinkos, Staples, or other office supply stores. Bring your design in on a thumb drive. You'll be able to pick out the paper and review the print. You can also try online printing options like Shutterfly if the shipping time isn't a concern. 


Go the extra mile!

If I'm trimming printed cards down, I like to use a guillotine paper cutter like this to get a clean straight edge. A bone folder can be useful for folding your cards. If you're printing wall art that you plan to frame yourself, a mat can give your print a more professional look. 

 Have fun with it, and enjoy your art! I'd love to see your printed pieces!

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