See all the lettering personalities!

The Timeless Classic

You’re classy and elegant. You’re drawn to timeless style in every aspect of your life. After all, there’s a reason why certain things will never go out of style. Your friends admire your ability to do it all and to make it look effortless at the same time. You enjoy feminine things. When it comes to lettering, you admire a good flourish or an expertly-inked envelope. You want to follow masters of their craft. Here are some must-follow Instagram accounts that will leave you in awe:

-Suzanne Cunningham of @suzcunningham
-Paul Antonio of @pascribe
-Katrina Centeno-Nguyen of @calligkatrina
-Laura Hooper of @lhcalligraphy
-Angi Phillips of @angeliqueink
-Karla Lim of @writtenwordcalligraphy
-Youghae Chung of @logos_calligraphy
-Helen of @lettersfromhelen
-Suzette of @xo_theartist
-Taryn Sutherland Gross of @twinkleandtoast
-Sylvia of @viacalligraphy
-Elisabeth Young of @elisaannecalligraphy
-Laney Schenk of @designbylaney
-Kestrel Montes of @inkmethis

The Modern Maven 

You’re always up to speed on the latest trends. You’re an early adopter who can’t stand stuffy traditions. You’re outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic. You enjoy keeping it casual and you make everyone around you feel comfortable. You prefer fresh takes, modern lettering styles, and bouncy calligraphy. You’ll love these Instagram tastemakers:

-Mye De Leon of @myedeleon
-Jessica Hische of @jessicahische
-Dawn Nicole of @bydawnnicole
-Kimbery Jenna Simon of @allwritebyme
-Sara Atiyat of @journeyofapen
-Jillian and Jordan of @loveleighloops
-Arlena of @bossybrushstrokes
-Tom Bijnenes of @thump_creatief_iemand
-Ben Johnston of @benjohnstondesign
-Monique Aimee of @moniqueaimee
-Martina Flor of @martinaflor
-Lauren Moon of @madebyamoon

The Authentic Original

You’re not afraid to step off the beaten path. You know that you have a unique view on life, and you want to share it with the world. Life should be fun, and above all, it should never be boring. Your friends love your humor and your confidence and the fact that you don’t take life too seriously. You admire authenticity in art. You must follow these Instagram accounts—there’s nobody else with their unique perspectives:

-Lauren Hom of @homsweethom
-Stefan Kunz of @stefankunz
-Emily McDowell of @emilymcdowell_
-Andy J. Pizza of @andyjpizza
-Ian Barnard of @ianbarnard
-Eunice Sun of @electriceunice
-Scotty Russell of @prspctv_cllctv
-Lisa Congdon of @lisacongdon
-Dina Rodriguez of @lettershoppe
-Timothy Goodman of @timothygoodman
-Becca Clason of @beccaclason
-Nick Misani of @nickmisani
-Elizabeth Gray of @thegraytergood
-Shinah of @crookedcalligraphy
-Amy Davidson Latta of @amylattacreations
-Veronica Dearly of @veronicadearly
-Gemma Correll of @gemmacorrell
-Nim Ben-Reuven of @nim_br
-Summer of @summers_pen

The Artistic Explorer 

You’re multitalented and you have a broad range of interests. You draw inspiration from your varied experiences in life. You seek out emotional connection with others and you like to go deep. You’re creative AF, and you’re not afraid to be a little extra. It’s not just about the lettering to you. You want a little more flair with your lettering, whether it’s watercolor, illustration or graphic design elements. You’ve just got to check out these artistic badasses:

-Jess of @jeshypark
-Emma Witte of @blackchalkco
-Nicole Miyuki Santo of @nicolemiyuki
-Holly Pixels of @hollypixels
-Tara of @radandhappy
-Gia Graham of @iamgiagraham
-Katrina Sutton of @katrina_sutton
-Kolbie of @thiswritingdesk
-Leslie Tieu of
-Carol of @carolicitydesigns
-Jon Contino of @joncontino

The Knowledge Seeker 

You’re an intellectual who’s constantly learning and growing. You have an organized, type A, goal-driven personality. You know where you want to get in life, but you’re not always sure how to get there. You’re an open person who is searching for meaning in life. You want a mentor who can help you see the path before you travel down it. With lettering, you want to learn new techniques and find out how to grow your skills. There are a ton of great teachers and tutorials on Instagram. These folks have online courses, books, Instagram tutorials, skillshare classes, and worksheets. Let them be your lettering gurus: 

-Becca Courtice of @thehappyevercrafter
-Peggy Dean of @thepigeonletters
-Teela of @everytuesday
-Lindsey Bugbee of @thepostmansknock
-Nina Benito Tran of @anintran
-Sarah Ensign of @ensigninsights
-Liss Amyah of @lissamyah
-Liz Kohler Brown of @lizkohlerbrown
-Anna Koliadych of @dearannart
-Ohn Mar Win of @ohn_mar_win
-Irina Trzaskos of @irinatrzaskos
-Abbie Nurse Uproot of @abbie_uproot
-Sharone Stevens of @sharonestevensdesign
-Sarah of @chalkfulloflove
-Dylan Mierzwinski of @bydylanm
-Adrienne Castleton of @studio80design

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