The Artistic Explorer

You’re multitalented and you have a broad range of interests. You draw inspiration from your varied experiences in life. You seek out emotional connection with others and you like to go deep. You’re creative AF, and you’re not afraid to be a little extra. It’s not just about the lettering to you. You want a little more flair with your lettering, whether it’s watercolor, illustration or graphic design elements. You’ve just got to check out these artistic badasses:

-Jess of @jeshypark
-Emma Witte of @blackchalkco
-Nicole Miyuki Santo of @nicolemiyuki
-Holly Pixels of @hollypixels
-Tara of @radandhappy
-Gia Graham of @iamgiagraham
-Katrina Sutton of @katrina_sutton
-Kolbie of @thiswritingdesk
-Leslie Tieu of
-Carol of @carolicitydesigns
-Jon Contino of @joncontino

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