The Authentic Original

You’re not afraid to step off the beaten path. You know that you have a unique view on life, and you want to share it with the world. Life should be fun, and above all, it should never be boring. Your friends love your humor and your confidence and the fact that you don’t take life too seriously. You admire authenticity in art. You must follow these Instagram accounts—there’s nobody else with their unique perspectives:

-Lauren Hom of @homsweethom
-Stefan Kunz of @stefankunz
-Emily McDowell of @emilymcdowell_
-Andy J. Pizza of @andyjpizza
-Ian Barnard of @ianbarnard
-Eunice Sun of @electriceunice
-Scotty Russell of @prspctv_cllctv
-Lisa Congdon of @lisacongdon
-Dina Rodriguez of @lettershoppe
-Timothy Goodman of @timothygoodman
-Becca Clason of @beccaclason
-Nick Misani of @nickmisani
-Elizabeth Gray of @thegraytergood
-Shinah of @crookedcalligraphy
-Amy Davidson Latta of @amylattacreations
-Veronica Dearly of @veronicadearly
-Gemma Correll of @gemmacorrell
-Nim Ben-Reuven of @nim_br
-Summer of @summers_pen

And of course, don’t forget to follow me,!

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