The Knowledge Seeker

You’re an intellectual who’s constantly learning and growing. You have an organized, type A, goal-driven personality. You know where you want to get in life, but you’re not always sure how to get there. You’re an open person who is searching for meaning in life. You want a mentor who can help you see the path before you travel down it. With lettering, you want to learn new techniques and find out how to grow your skills. There are a ton of great teachers and tutorials on Instagram. These folks have online courses, books, Instagram tutorials, skillshare classes, and worksheets. Let them be your lettering gurus:

-Becca Courtice of @thehappyevercrafter
-Peggy Dean of @thepigeonletters
-Teela of @everytuesday
-Lindsey Bugbee of @thepostmansknock
-Nina Benito Tran of @anintran
-Sarah Ensign of @ensigninsights
-Liss Amyah of @lissamyah
-Liz Kohler Brown of @lizkohlerbrown
-Anna Koliadych of @dearannart
-Ohn Mar Win of @ohn_mar_win
-Irina Trzaskos of @irinatrzaskos
-Abbie Nurse Uproot of @abbie_uproot
-Sharone Stevens of @sharonestevensdesign
-Sarah of @chalkfulloflove
-Dylan Mierzwinski of @bydylanm
-Adrienne Castleton of @studio80design

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